As long as I can remember, I created. I feel a calmness and rightness, ease and fascination, with needle, fabric and thread in hand, and the results amaze me. Fragments of designs flash in my brain, some fleeting, some recurring. If I give these notions attention, they evolve to something tangible, created by my hand, yet magical in their existence from that first inkling of an idea. It is the most divine process I experience, and my gift to myself at age 50 was to create space in my days to experience it more frequently.

Initially it was tactile, then technology led to a whole new arena of inspiration and creating. Whether it is laying out text and images in InDesign, figuring out the CSS that will format a web page, or determining the arrangement and calculating the math of a pattern, the projects I enjoy are puzzles within puzzles with pieces to locate and fit together.

I love books and learning, and enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge. This site emerged as my creative playground, to provide inspiration, resources and to write about overcoming creative blocks. My personal breakthrough occurred at age 49, while taking a 30-week course called Life Skills that revealed the core of why I was holding my true self back.

With my new insights and outlooks, old dreams are coming out of dormancy, and my life is evolving to fill the gap between what I have always wanted and what I have always done.

My reminder to myself and message to you is simple. Let yourself create!


You knew when you were 2, didn’t you? Before you learned to doubt what you could and could not do.