Window Treatments

3.5 x 21 Bricks

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My niece started her freshmen year at UGA. When making the curtains for her dorm room, we didn’t have the length measurement, and the building was locked tight before school started. We counted bricks, and 3-1/2 bricks by 21 bricks yielded 28″ x 59″.  They landed perfectly!  Yeah! 

See more pics here:  UGA Brumby Dorm Curtains and Embellisments

brumby dorm windows at UGA




Sketch for Empire Valances

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Empire Valances for Breakfast Room

Empire Valances for Breakfast Room

Photoshop used to draw bay of windows to scale and then apply empire valances. Starting with the center window, the others were duplicated and perspective adjusted. The original photo of the windows before the curtains were installed was from a low resolution image, but it was still used as a guide for the sketch.


Website for Designers Workroom Council

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Just finishing up the site for the Designers Workroom Council – Serving Designers and Workrooms in the Metro Atlanta Area. Used Adobe products – Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver to create. This creative group meets monthly to network, mentor, work on community service projects and enjoy seminars presented by some of the top recognized talents in the window treatment and interior design industry. Screen shot of designers workroom council home page


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